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sample CAD image from Formula Student


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We have a two seat Ironcad system which we use to develop our own detailed designs. We can also work with 3D models from customers. A typical example is this Formula Student chassis.
Jaguar  E-type FIA compliant cage

Forward Engineering

 When the FIA introduced new standards for roll cages in Appendix K historic racing cars we used Ironcad to design a cage for an E-type jaguar. We then had an FEA consultancy to check its' characteristics. The specification demanded that the cage moved less than a maximum amount with a point load on a specific part of the cage. We evolved the design through several iterations checking at each stage to see if it met the standard. The illustration shows a visualisation of the stresses in the cage at maximum load.

The geometry of the cage as defined by Ironcad and material characteristics were input to a Finite Element Analysis program. The program calculated loads and movement as a result of an applied force. We submitted the results to the FIA and gained their approval to our design. We achieved the first such approval for the E-type Jaguar.

TVR Chassis CAD image

Reverse Engineering

When reproducing classic racing car chassis we usually work from an existing frame. We have also used our CAD system to record a damaged chassis. Then we derive "straight" geometry to check the new chassis as we build it.
In this case a TVR chassis well crashed on one side.
If you have full function Adobe Acrobat you can open the downloaded file for a full 3D view.
Download chassis file

Digital Engineering

We use many pieces of software to facilitate our design work.
  • Bend Tech to compute tubing angles
  • Fourlink to calculate suspension geometry for drag racing applications
  • Suspension Analyser for other applications on road and track
  • Finite Element Analysis for overall roll cage or chassis design.

Cross Engineering

Sometimes we have to adapt one set of engineering to another, different, environment.
Here the customer wanted Porsche running gear on both ends of his Splitty. The back end was easy, the front not so much as it was completely different to the original.
SFI Inspectors Andy & Luke Robinson on tour in 2017

Safety Engineering

Many drag racing components have to meet safety standards set by the SFI Foundation.
Andy Robinson is authorised to inspect, repair and modify bell housings manufactured by

    Custom Floaters (used to be Lakewood)
    Trick Titanium

to ensure they meet SFI standards. Following this work he can issue renewed SFI certification.
He can inspect and re-certify gear box casings from Reid Racing Products.
Finally he can also inspect and re-certify safety equipment manufactured by Stroud Safety. This includes race suits, blower restraints, engine diapers and gearbox blankets. He is not able to re-certify their harnesses as the current practice is to replace the webbing.
Andy and Luke Robinson have both participated as inspectors on the SFI spring tour of Europe. This brings together specialists to re-certify a wide range of safety equipment.
See more details of the SFI at

This picture shows Andy and Luke at work during the 2016 SFI tour. The image is copyright and you can view  their whole report here.

Setup Engineering

We are able to setup suspension on any road or race car. The pictures show corner weight, tracking, castor and camber setup which are relatively straightforward if the suspension allows for suitable adjustment. During these processes we can also assess bump steer although this may be more difficult to fix as it may require relocating the steering to follow suspension movement more closely.
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