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Want an axle built for your race car? Want an axle case narrowed to fit? Want to adapt an new axle to your car? Want a rebuild with a new ratio? We've thirty five years experience building axles for all sorts of applications so you can find our products under drag racing cars, circuit racing cars, historic saloons, rally cars and hot road cars..

These pictures show some of the custom axles work we have done. We do not have a standard product, each axle is exactly tailored to your requirements. We are sole suppliers of Gripper Diffs for US Ford 8 inch and 9 inch axles and UK agents for Strange, Mark Williams, Motive Gear, Currie and Precision Gear.

Go large for UK Ford axles

The picture shows, from front to back, Anglia, standard Cortina, up-rated Cortina and Lotus Cortina.
Many owners of traditional British Fords are having problems finding axles or axle components to fit their cars. Andy Robinson Race Cars have used their experience to develop a range of offerings to overcome these difficulties. They are all available for both English and Atlas axles and are based on one piece forged shafts. The easiest is a straight replacement for the standard shaft, stronger than standard but still a simple bolt-in. Next up is a stronger shaft which is still a bolt-in and then an offering based on replacement of the outer bearing but retaining standard track. The toughest offering replaces the diff with limited slip one from Gripper Diffs which also allows for a deeper and stronger spline where the shaft fits into the side gears. Finally ARRC can supply custom sized shafts and/or modify housings to suit almost any application.

Axle set up services

We do all our own axle setup and offer this service on its' own to our customers. Axles are often brought in to be checked and re-setup over the winter break from racing.
The pictures show the setup in process and shown below is the report we provide for customers when the work is complete.
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